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Intel HD Audio support for AQEMU (and other bugs)

AQEMU is basic Qt-based GUI frontend for creating, modifying, and launching VMs. Unfortunately, the last release was years ago, and QEMU and KVM have progressed in that time. There are a few bugs that bother me about AQEMU. Today, I addressed some of them.

Edit: This blog post has been reworked after I found upstream patches.

The simple one was a spelling fix; the word "Advanced" was misspelled as "Advaced" in multiple places. Someone else posted a patch for the same problem, but that missed one occurrence of the typo.

The more important one was adding a check-box for the Intel HD Audio sound card. But then I found someone else had already posted a patch to add sound hardware support for both that card and the CS4231A soundcard. That patch did not apply cleanly to the aqemu-0.8.2-10 version as shipped in Fedora 20, so I backported that patch. However, this patch was incomplete; it was missing the code for saving those options to the configuration file for the VM. So I created a patch to save those options which can be applied on top of my backport. At this point, I would suggest using the backport and the bugfix, rather than my original patch.

After applying the sound card support patches, you will need to re-detect your emulators so that AQEMU will allow you to select the newly-supported cards. To do that, go to File->Advanced Settings and click on Find All Emulators and then OK. Close and reopen AQEMU and the new audio card options should be available.

And one more was a fix for the "Use video streams detection and compression" option. When reading the VM's configuration file, the 'Use_Video_Stream_Compression' flag was incorrectly parsed due to a misplaced exclamation point, leading to that option getting disabled every time you modified the VM configuration. (Reported upstream.)

Buffalo DD-WRT OpenVPN netmask bug

In the hope that I can save others the bit of frustration I recently went through, I wanted to describe a bug in the DD-WRT firmware shipped on Buffalo's "AirStation HighPower N450 Giga" (model WZR-HP-G450H). DD-WRT has already fixed the problem, and I found a workaround to help others who run into the same problem.

The bug:

You can't set the VPN netmask when setting up a "Router (TUN)" VPN. No matter what you enter, it always comes back with ""

The fix:

This was fixed in changeset 20392. But Buffalo ships revision 20025 on their "AirStation HighPower N450 Giga".

The workaround:

Set Server mode to "Bridge (TAP)" and set the netmask, and save the settings. This will set the VPN netmask value. Then set Server mode to "Router (TUN)" and apply settings. The netmask value set in bridge mode is retained for the router mode.